Our shop on 5/7 Burakowska Street

Our shop on 5/7 Burakowska Street

Warsztat Woni interior

Warsztat Woni interior

Flowers in your office

Flowers in your office

Wedding Bouquets! Just for You!

Wedding Bouquets! Just for You!


Visit our shop on 5/7 Burakowska street!


Warsztat Woni life. Daily.

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On Friday at 15 in Qchnia we will be planting. Basil, rosemary, mint, thyme, oregano, sage, coriander, tarragon. We set BacSac bags filled with soil on the stairs of our terrace, and we will plant some fresh herbs. If you want to help you can join us:) If you choose to come to Qchni on [...]


Warsztat Woni / Qchnia Artystyczna / Kwiatostan / Wysokie Obcasy

Marta Gessler. She broke away with traditional way of thinking about cooking and flowers. Looking for inspiration and creativity driven by a love of the simple. The owner of QCHNIA ARTYSTYCZNA restaurant in Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw and WARSZTAT WONI florist workshop on the Burakowska street.

Author of books about cooking and flowers decorations:

 „Kwiatostan”   – a collection of pictures, ideas, arranging flowers
 „Qchnia Artystyczna, Kuchnia Świata”
 „Nowa Qchnia Artystyczna, Nowa Kuchnia Świata”
 „Kuchnia Marty, Kolory Smaków”  

Articles published in magazines:

 „Kwiatostan”   series in Dobre Wnętrze magazine
 ”Kuchnia Artystyczna”  series in Wysokie Obcasy (Gazeta Wyborcza)

Marta Gessler had her own television program in TVN Style Television -
  „Notes Kulinarny”  . Frequent guest on television programs about: interior, design, flowers, food.


Flowers. Pots. Accessories. Projects. Terraces. Gardens.

Warsztat Woni – the florist workshop of Marta Gessler. Place was created 14 years ago. At the beginning shop was located in a beautiful bulding at 28/30 Bednarska Street (Warsaw Old Town). In 2005 Warsztat changed its surroundings and moved to prestigious complex of old factory buildings on the 5/7 Burakowska street.

Warsztat and its staff has many years of experience in implementing both traditional and avant-garde projects.
We have worked with many polish and foreign companies.

In Warsztat we held

 promotional events 
 press conferences combined with lunch for 40 people 
 flower workshops 
 arranging bouquets shows 

Photo gallery of our ideas can be found on our Facebook fanpage and Photo tab.


Individual projects, just for you.

Warsztat Woni Marty Gessler offers individually designed table decorations, wedding hall styling, and other wedding items. The offer includes:

 wedding bouquets (any flowers, even exotic) 
 wedding car decoration (bonnet, doors, handles, etc.) 
 decoration of the church (entrance, stairs, etc) and other places (garden, etc.) 
 commemorative gifts for wedding guests 

Photo gallery of our ideas can be found on our Facebook fanpage and Photo tab.

Qchnia Artystyczna catering offer

“Catering by Qchnia” is for all those who love good food in a beautiful scenery. We will satisfy the most demanding couples and will accept any fresh and unusual orders. We have many years of experience in implementing avant-garde and traditional weddings. We can organize wedding parties in the halls of the restaurant at our tarrace but also in your place.

More information about weddings in Qchnia Artystyczna you can find at their website in the catering tab.


"Flowers appear on the earth to make life beautiful. I am only trying to touch them" - Marta

We have always fresh flowers. Cuted and potted. But remember that Warsztat Woni is not a classic flower shop, so you might be surprised what you find.

 FLOWERS  – Cuted flowers, potted plants, bouquets. Simple and beautiful

 GIFTS  – “Go outside the norm”. Unusual composition, authorized collection of packaging and flowerpots. Opportunity to order potted flowers. Contemporary exposition. Home and garden gadgets. Souvenirs. Individual boxes.

 WEDDINGS  – “To hit a completely new aesthetic look for known forms”. Not the usual wedding bouquets. Floral decorations in churches. Arrangement of wedding tables. Consultation with Martą Gessler. For more information look in to the Wedding tab.

  OFFICE  – “To learn the contemplation of composition”. Floral arrangements in the office . Permanent cooperation. Individual orders. Occasional bouquets

 FESTIVE OCCASIONS  – Decorations. Christmas. Easter. At your home or office.



Photos. More can be found on our fanpage on facebook.


If you have any questions just email us. We will reply as soon as possible.